Small group classes now available. Please contact me to secure a place.

Positive Reinforcement

The more often a behaviour is reinforced with a reward, the more likely it is that the behaviour will be repeated, with another chance for reinforcement.

This method of training is enjoyable and fun for the dogs and their owners.
The dogs learn with growing confidence, with joy at learning new 'training games, and become increasingly pro-active. The more we teach them, the more they want to learn because training gives them the chance to earn reinforcers. A reinforcer can be anything the dog likes, anything from a kind word and a smile, a game with a toy, or a piece of sausage!
All the dogs who come to my classes love coming. They are excited and very happy to be there. I hear so often from owners that their dogs start to get excited as they get their 'school bags' ready. I wouldn't have it any other way.



We provide the following training programmes:

Training at the school
Group Classes
1-2-1 Training
Puppy/Beginner Classes
Rescue Dog Home Visits
1st Time Owner/Pre-vaccine Home Visits
Behaviour Consultations
Agility Classes and 1-2-1's



I would recommend anyone with a young puppy to come to Carols class. Although Ruby, the border Terrier, and I seemed untrainable we have thoroughly enjoyed the journey on a Sunday afternoon. Our walks together are good fun,and she even comes back!

We may not have been top of the class but our achievements over the last eight weeks have been amazing. Thanks Carol