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Testimonials ...


We recently joined Mole Valley Dog training with Carol and the change in our dog has been amazing.Carol has taught us new methods and an understanding which has helped enormously. We have really enjoyed going to training and Carol makes it fun rather than a chore!

Sasha arrived home safely and Rufus has been brilliant. Long may to continue. She is smaller than he was. She looks too small for school!

Sybil and Ruby

I would recommend anyone with a young puppy to come to Carols class. Although Ruby, the border Terrier, and I seemed untrainable we have thoroughly enjoyed the journey on a Sunday afternoon. Our walks together are good fun,and she even comes back!  We may not have been top of tthe class but our achievements over the last eight weeks have been amazing. Thanks Carol

Allan, Jane and Jessie.

We have been dog training with Carol since Jessie was 6 months old. In three and half years we have learnt and achieved a great deal. It doesn’t matter if you are a first time or experienced owner as the session cover all aspects of training and looking after your dog so if you are a doggie person like us you will enjoy Carol’s many years’ experience of being a dog training/owner instructor and the mid-session break for tea and cake is a time to talk.

Sue Scarrott

To whom it may concern:
I have been attending Carol Washer’s dog training classes with my puppy, Lily, for the past year.
Her modern reward based method is what I am most happy with. She keeps her classes fresh, regularly introducing new exercises that are fun for us both while ensuring that we keep on practicing the obedience essentials.
She also discusses and advises on general care of our pets and problems that arise.
She has been consistently supportive to us both and it turns out that I need  encouragement as much as Lily needs sausages.
I would recommend her to anyone needing  advice when getting a puppy.


Our weekly dog training sessions are a highlight in the week as they really help to consolidate the bond between you and your dog by learning together. It is such a confidence-builder when you achieve something together in the lessons and then put it into practise at home and whilst out and that your dog still listens to you in different contexts. At 9 months old, we are always complimented on how well-trained he is whilst out which fills me with enormous pride and that is through dog training lessons and lots of practise.

Our Tibetan developed resource guarding from 4 months old and his play-biting had developed onto a different level particularly with my husband to the extent that family life was becoming extremely stressful. Carol spent 2 hours at our home watching video footage taken and then helping us to understand what was happening. She was able to give us strategies to help us with the situation and I can honestly say that following her advice to the letter, life improved dramatically both for us and our Tibetan
so we will always be eternally grateful to her.


We have been attending Carol’s obedience and agility classes with our Airedale Terrier Alice for several years now. Carol’s calm, positive, reward based approach quickly showed great results with Alice’s general obedience and we continue to learn and improve our skills as well as doing some fun exercises such as scent work and the agility. Carol recognises that all dogs learn in different ways and will tailor her teaching to get results for each individual. We would highly recommend Carol to anyone and regularly do; every single dog loves her…mainly because she’s armed with cheese and sausage … and because you can tell she has a genuine love of dogs! Kate, Jane and Alice Airedale!


Joined an 8 week class on a friends recommendation. Still attending 2 years later as there is always something new to learn and my Springer always gets excited when I pack the bag for dog school.


A fun and truly positive experience.

Honey and I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions with Carol.

All different kinds of breeds, sizes, ages and personalities working together to achieve one goal - a happy, trusting obedient ( semi in our case!)dog.

Great fun lessons teaching both dogs and owners, watch out though Carol never misses a trick!

Refreshments provided, but be warned, there is homework!

Dudley and owner

Since my owner took me to Carol's training classes I am much happier and feel more confident. Before my current owner I had lived in two other places, which was confusing as I was only nine months old. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to behave because no one had time to show me. Now I can do lots of things like sitting still, walking on a lead without pulling ( my owner really likes that! ), come when I am called, lie down, do an emergency stop and shake hands. I really enjoy the classes and I know that my owner does too. When I get home I settle down for a well deserved rest.


I would thoroughly recommend Carol as a dog trainer, she helped us settle our ex-rescue dog post a long trip from Australia. Her methods are easy to follow and help build a strong positive bond between dog and owner. It is so refreshing to have positive training techniques in the dog world now and you can see how well the dogs respond to it! ( I remember as a kid with our family dog, training was all about dominance and being the pack leader, which felt much harsher and less enjoyable for all!!) Barney loves his obedience classes and the dogs all adore Carol. (they compete in class to be the best behaved so Carol picks them for demos-it is very funny to watch!) I honestly think that without Carol's help we would just be coping with Barney vs thoroughly enjoying owning him- which is what it is all about after all!!
Thanks Carol- you are a legend.


We started classes to keep my little dog safe at the stables and we've never looked back. I can't express enough the positive influence Carol has had on our lives. She is so supportive and we use her training techniques every day. Lessons are fun, social, and most importantly, Teds absolutely loves them!


It's more than dog training, Carol teaches us how we need to be around our dogs so we get the best from them and have a closer bond. I leave with a happy, relaxed dog who has learned to respond to my commands and received lots of praise and treats at the same time. Great fun and great cake at half time. Thank you.


Mole Valley Dog Training offer high quality and professional training sessions. Carol who runs the sessions, seamlessly adapts the training to suit the needs of all attendees. I have learned so much from my time with MVDT and Carol. Honey my dog loves going to the training sessions and being there together has helped make our relationship so much closer.

Steve and Jane

When we arrived home with our new addition to the family, Bonnie, our Bichon Frise, we found it a bit daunting as it was the first time we had ever been responsible for our own dog! Carol was very friendly over the phone and I felt her relaxed but comprehensive training programme would be ideal for our family. We all go to training together and my daughter has learnt that Bonnie has to be treated as a dog rather than a toy, and she really listens to what Carol says. She provides a fun training programme but is always there if you have any individual concerns too. Bonnie loves her training and we can really see the improvement she has made. Carol is an excellent teacher who has a lot of patience and her passion for her job really shows.
We all have great fun with her, and the small group of dog owners in our class. The tea and the cake goes down well too!

Jeanne and Theo

We can't recommend Mole Valley Dog Training highly enough. We have been coming for nearly four years and Carol is always kind and friendly with a completely positive approach to all her training.  There are a wonderful variety of activities, always followed by lots of praise and laughter. We look forward to coming to classes so much and enjoy every minute- especially the tea and cake! A fantastic place to come and learn, and have fun with your dog.


It is with great pleasure that I am writing to endorse the Mole Valley Dog Training School.

I came from South Africa and bought with me my awesome, well trained Boerboel. She absolutely loved her training and I searched for a dog training programme that I felt was on the same level of what we had done before. I was after something fun and stimulating for her. I was disappointed time after time. Some of the trainers lectured more than trained. Others were intimidated by our big dogs. A lot of them didn't instil much confidence in me.

Carol Washer of MVDT did instil confidence in me. She is passionate about her training. She has a great sense of humour which comes out if she catches you nudging your dog to get her to do what you want her to do. Carol's methods are kind and they work. She is not afraid to train dogs of all sizes.

I am sad we didn't find MVDT before we lost our first Boerboel. However, I am glad that I have found a programme that is fun and stimulating for our new Boerboel. My young dog knows when it is Sunday, and won't leave me alone until we are in the car and on our way. She can't contain her excitement when we arrive and takes my arm off running to meet Carol.

I definitely regard Carol and her methods highly. She has a fun programme that produces results, just be prepared for homework!


We have three dogs, Teddy, Tilly and now Tessy. Tessy is our newest addition, she is a rescue dog and has had a very hard life as a breeder. She has been chained to her cage for almost all her life and was rescued by the Many Tears charity.

Tessie does not know how to be a "dog" having never had a toy, walked on grass, seen rain or been in a real home. Teddy and Tilly are helping her at home and she has just started to play with one toy in particular.

Like our other two dogs, we have enrolled Tessie with MVDT because we know, from experience, that the environment is positive and supportive. She will learn how to be a dog and socially interact with the  other dogs in her class.

I have seen both Teddy and Tilly bouncing with excitement and happy with the thrill of completing an agility course- that really says it all.