Small group classes now available. Please contact me to secure a place.

Puppy - Beginner Classes

Suitable for all vaccinated puppies and older dogs with little formal training……… It’s never too late to start! The classes usually have a mixture of young puppies and slightly older dogs. These classes are also perfect for  dogs which have been rehomed, and are starting out with a new family.  This is the perfect way to introduce your puppy/dog to classes. They provide a safe way to socialise and play whilst learning.

We will build solid foundation training; Eye contact and focus from the dog to the handler, polite greetings- dog and human! Recalls, leave, loose lead walking, sit, down, stays- with movement and distance away, and use of toys in training.

Information on general handling, grooming and puppy problems ie. ,toilet training, crate training, settling at night, diet, jumping up, play biting and chewing will also be given. There are other animals at the venue; horses, sheep and a pig, which provides a safe way for your puppy to become used to some of the farm animals which you may meet whilst out walking.

Courses run for eight weeks, and each lesson is 90 minutes, including a 15 minute break for tea and cake.  They provide the vital basics for a happy puppy/ dog and their owner for a lifetime.

The sooner you start your puppies training the better; they thrive on POSITIVE new experiences.